Expressions of Love

Not So Much to Be Loved as to Love

Dear Daughter,

Love is expressed in so many simple yet beautiful ways.  Most people automatically associate the word love with romantic love but did you know that love is more than just romantic love? Just look around you and you will see it.  It is in the touch of a baby’s hand as he reaches to touch his mother’s face; it is in the hug of old friends as they greet one another after a long time away; it is in the arms of an elderly  man as he maintains the unsteady gait of his elderly wife.

I am certainly no authority on love but I try to show love to everyone I meet.  This is easy to do with those you are close to.  It is difficult though when a person is mean-spirited or rude to you.  Oddly enough, it has been my experience that those who need love the most are those who are the most difficult to love.   So, I keep trying to show love to others even when I don’t get much of a positive response.  I am not sure if that is the best approach, but it is what I try to do and feel in my heart that God would want me to do.

I am curious my sweet little girl…what will you do to show others love?  How can you show others love?  Is this important?

Much love,


****To all of those out there who are reading this blog-can you help me out?  Can you post a comment and tell me how you express love to those in your life and those you meet?  Can you share an experience where you struggled showing love to someone who was difficult to love?  I would love to hear about your experiences…how keeping with it made all the difference…even if it took years to see a change.



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