Facing Rejection

My dearest daughter,
My heart breaks that I can’t be there to hold you and just let you cry right now. I know how frustrated and disappointed you must be. It isn’t easy when you have to face rejection.  This is especially true when you did such a wonderful job on your audition.  Sometimes things just don’t make sense.  Sometimes life just doesn’t make sense.

How can I explain to you your worth in one simple letter? How can I tell you how incredibly precious and important you are to me? I hope that you know it deep inside.  I hope that you know how proud I am of you.  You work so hard to perform and give a great performance.  You make me smile when I watch you perform whether it is at home in our living room or on stage in front of hundreds of people-you are incredible!

This world is full of happy and sad moments. This is one of those sad moments. Please know that you are not alone in your sadness and frustration. I am right here with you feeling all of the same emotions.  Why didn’t they pick you?  What didn’t they see your talent?  Were they blind?  They must have been. I keep asking myself these questions over and over again.  You know what sweetie, I couldn’t make it through the grocery store without welling up in tears!  Can you believe it?

Most importantly, don’t ever forget that God loves you more than even your Mommy. That says a lot and I know it because I love you more than words can describe. When you hurt, I hurt. I’m sorry you didn’t get this role.  Remember, you will get that special moment to shine. Your day will come. I promise you. When it does, look beyond the lights and the crowd and you will see Mommy smiling with the biggest smile and the most proud look I can give.




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