Hard Work and Dedication Pay Off

Dearest daughter,

Today I was told that you were given a “talk” about your priorities being out-of-place.  I know that I am your mom; but seriously?  How can anyone ever say such a thing about you?  What seriously are this person’s expectations especially in light of the fact that you worked so hard to do well yesterday in your riding lesson all after a full week of being sick.  Then after your lesson, that was delayed through no fault of your own, you had to rush to get your tack ready for your horse show the next morning.  Because you were running behind schedule…you get a talk about priorities.  Well, I think that person has misplaced priorities.

Let’s talk about your priorities:  You are a 15-year-old student enrolled in high school.  You wake up every day at 5 a.m.  Yes….I realize that is how early you wake up because most mornings I am up with you.  You feed and walk your dog, bring your school books downstairs, make your lunch, make your breakfast and get ready to ride.  At 6 a.m. you are up on your horse riding so that you can keep him in shape for an upcoming show such as today.  Then you put him away and jump in the car for the drive to school where you spend from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday.  Fridays you are lucky to get off early but these are also the days you can train harder with the horses.  Then at night you have barn chores and homework, dinner and if you are lucky-time to relax.  You are taking many honors classes and received straight A’s this year all while holding a leadership position, doing volunteer work and being active in your church.  You are enrolled in 3 AP classes for next year and are planning to spend several weeks this summer shadowing veterinarians in your pursuit for a potential career path.

Yet…someone close to you has the audacity to say that your priorities are out-of-place?

Let me share something with you sweetie.  You are doing a fine job.  Your priorities are in place and it is showing in everything that you do.  You are quite successful and very happy and well-adjusted.  I question if the person who said that your priorities are out-of-place maybe has issues to deal with herself.  Not sure.  But you are anything but having priorities out-of-place.

I can’t share with you in person my feelings on this subject at this time…but one day we will talk about it.  Remember this is the day that you won many classes and a few Championships and qualified to be in the Medal Finals for October…all because your priorities are IN PLACE.  This can only happen with hard work, dedication, passion, effort, time and desire.

I am so impressed by the young woman you are becoming.  I hope that you don’t take these talks to heart from this person who in my opinion has no business stating some of the things she says.  I hope that you realize that you are an incredible young woman with goals and dreams and desires that I 150% support for now and evermore.  You are my daughter and nothing in this world makes me happier than to see you happy.  Even if I have to cancel an appointment or do without a new outfit or work three jobs to get enough money together so that you can reach your dreams, I will call that a gift that I get to “endure” and a mark of being a real mom.  One who is open and willing to sacrifice time, money, energy, pride so that her child can keep working towards her goals and dreams that will help guide you further in this path we call life.

I love you had hope that you will remain strong in the face of adversity and these “talks” and know that I am here and will always be here by your side cheering you along.  I am your biggest fan and will always be and I am incredibly proud of you!



Open Your Heart

Wyoming Sunsets copy

Dearest Daughter,

This is the first day of the new year.  Yet another day has come to be.  I look outside at the beauty of the world and have to be grateful that I get to spend another day on this earth.  Saying this is not always easy.  Some days, I feel disappointed or frustrated with my situation or even hurt from things other people have said to me. Recently, I had some hurtful things said to me by people in my life who should be encouraging me and lifting me up.  Even when that happens…even when I am still hurting from their actions… I can say that I am grateful because I know that the people who said hurtful things are only human and as humans, we can make mistakes and say hurtful things that we don’t mean.  So, I start the process of forgiveness and do my best to face the new day with hope that the sunrise provides.

This is a good subject to talk about though because when people say or do things that are hurtful, we want to react to the pain that is brought in our lives.  I think that is natural.  I also think it is okay to react.  What gets messy is when our immediate reaction to the hurt turns into a carrying of the pain like a burden that stays with us day after day.  That burden affects our long-term decisions and sometimes propels us into actions that will only cause us much more harm in the end.  When that starts to happy, you need to cut the cycle so it doesn’t fester into more than it actually is.  My method is to move past the pain to forgiveness.  Forgiving is not easy.  I find strength to forgive from God.

I know that you have experienced hurtful things being said to you and about you in the past.  I have helped you many times with small things that a child experiences.  You conquered those hurts and in many ways grew into the person you are because of them.  As you grow older, you are bound to face more difficult challenges.

Already during the past few years you have experienced hurt from friends who were supposed to protect you.  I realize now that these actions are causing you to be guarded with what you share and who you open up to in life.  I think this is a good time for you to look back at those moments and make some changes. I can see a cycle starting that I want to help you out of. I want to urge you to look deep inside to find the hurt that started this cycle and open your heart up to healing that hurt.  Please remind yourself that not everyone is going to betray your confidence.  To be guarded and hold back because of things that happened to cause you hurt in the past will only offer opportunities for shallow relationships in the future.  That might be a safe way to have relationships but I believe it is not the best way to experience them.

Please try a little each day to step outside of your comfort zone and experience life even if the experience brings pain.  Share with others who come into your life.  Give to those who don’t deserve it.  Love those who cannot love you back.  Open your heart to sharing your love knowing that it is possible that one day someone may betray you but it is also possible that you will find a lifelong friend who will be there with you until the end.

I love you my sweet daughter.  I hope that you will consider these things and know that you are special and important and will do great things on this earth.



Consider this:

Have you ever been faced with a friend betraying something you shared that was to be private?  How did you react?  Looking back on that reaction, would you do anything differently now?  If so, what would you do?  I would love to have comments posted to help encourage my daughter and others who follow this blog.  Please write what your thoughts are in the comments section.

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